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Love Box Set Little Hearts


 4 Little Hearts per each scent which each weigh approximately 1.7grams.


Bubble Gum:

Our bubble gum has sweet, uplifting, and fun aroma identical to juicy fruit gum! Notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple, and citrus complete this fragrance.


Orange Bitters:

has a fresh and citrus scent with orange, mandarin and plum


Cocoa C:

This fragrance is spicy and oriental with sweet orange, fresh coriander and rich jasmine


Rosey Wonderland :

Rosey Wonderland is similar in scent to the most popular fabric conditioner hinch style. A winter wonderland that is cosy and fresh, and centred on the sweet scent of romantic rose. Fruity, green notes radiate from delicate lily of the valley, whilst soft violet adds a dewy element that is clean and fresh. A warm touch of musk brings the fragrance to a close.


Strawberry and Lily Creation:

Strawberry and Lily Creation is similar in scent to a popular fabric softener. With top notes of Green Fruits and Strawberry, middle notes of Gardenia, Violet and Jasmine and bottom notes of Gardenia, Violet and Jasmine.


La Vie Est Belle:

La Vie Est Belle is similar to the iconic women's fragrance.

This fragrance is made with the noblest ingredients; Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli Essence... Lain on a bed of fine delicacies.


Love Spell:

A clean and fresh floral fragrance with top notes of neroli followed by jasmine, delicate violet and orange blossom supported by a base of cedar and musk.


Snow Angel

Snow Angel is similar to the scent by the popular high street bath bomb retailer.This fragrance provides you with a fresh, sweet and uplifting bubble gummy scent.  



The wax melts: Do not leave unattended at any time whilst burning.Keep away from drafts, children and pets.Do not keep the wax melt burning longer than 4hours at a time.

Love Box Set Little Hearts

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